Ownership Breakdown

As a result of the notification sent by CAIXAPAR on the exercise of the right to acquire 50% of the shares subscribed and paid up by the co-controlling shareholder BTG Pactual in the scope of the Capital Increase, after the regulatory approvals, the total capital stock of the Company will be: (i) 41.7% for CAIXAPAR; (ii) 41.7% for BTG Pactual and (iii) 16.6% for minority shareholders.

Until the fact described above, ownership breakdown it was as follows:

"Despite the difference in the number of shares held by the controlling shareholders, the Shareholders‘ Agreement will not be amended, so that CaixaPar and BTG Pactual remain as co-controlling shareholders of the Company."

The following table sets forth the principal holders of Banco Pan’s outstanding common and preferred shares and their respective shareholders.

Ownership Structure - 03/31/2018 ( thousand shares)
OR % OR PR % PR Total %
Banco BTG Pactual S.A. 395,396 60.1% 182,266 37.6% 577,662 50.6%
Caixa Participaš§es S.A 262,165 39.9% 112,732 23.3% 374,897 32.8%
FreeFloat - - 189,247 39.1% 189,247 16.6%
Total 657,561 100.0% 484,245 100.0% 1.141,806 100.0%

Last Update on March 15, 2019

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