Mission, Vision and Values

Since the beginning of its change in 2011, PAN has been run by qualified professionals transferred from its controlling shareholders or hired from several market institutions. With this diversity of professionals and their shared goal, the executive board got together to define PAN‘s Culture, translated into its Vision, Mission and Values.


Flexible and uncomplicated bank that surprises you.


To be a sustainable bank that inspires employees to surprise its customers.


  1. Surprise with service.
  2. Build true long-term relationships.
  3. Behave in an ethical, respectful and transparent manner.
  4. Practice meritocracy. Value talent.
  5. Be positive, passionate and driven.
  6. Embrace and encourage change. Be creative.
  7. Pursue growth and knowledge.
  8. Communicate in a clear, objective and responsible manner.
  9. Do more with less.
  10. Think like the owner!

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