Material Fact

Săo Paulo, March 13th, 2019 - Banco PAN S.A. ("Banco Pan" or "Company") refers to the Material Fact of November 6, 2017, which disclosed the Company‘s capital increase in the amount of R$ 400MM ("Capital Increase"), to inform its shareholders and the market in general that CAIXAPAR, its co-controlling shareholder, notified the exercise of the right to acquire 50% of the shares subscribed and paid up by the co-controlling shareholder BTG Pactual in the scope of the Capital Increase, so that, after the regulatory approvals, the total capital stock of the Company will be: (i) 41.7% for CAIXAPAR; (ii) 41.7% for BTG Pactual and (iii) 16.6% for minority shareholders.

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Carlos Eduardo Pereira Guimarăes
Investor Relations Officer

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