Group PAN

PAN Arrendamento Mercantil S.A. (“PAN Arrendamento Mercantil”)
Created in 1998, PAN Arrendamento Mercantil is PAN’s subsidiary that operates in the new and used vehicle (motorcycles and light and heavy vehicles) financing segment through lease purchase transactions.

BM Sua Casa Promotora de Vendas Ltda. (“BM Sua Casa”)
BM Sua Casa, created on April 12, 2007, is the retail arm of PAN and Brazilian Mortgages. The company is specialized in real estate lending, mainly directed to the middle class. It was the first company in Brazil to offer financing for home purchase with repayment terms as long as 30 years, and personal loans backed by real estate collateral with no restrictions on the use of the money.

Brazilian Securities Companhia de Securitização (“Brazilian Securities”)
Brazilian Securities’ purpose is the acquisition and securitization of credits comprising:
– the purchase and sale of real estate and agribusiness receivables;
– the issue and placement of Certificates of Real Estate Receivables – CRI and Certificates of Agribusiness Receivables – CRA, and the issue of other negotiable instruments; and
– the provision of services and the transaction of other business

Brazilian Finance & Real Estate S.A (“Brazilian Finance & Real Estate”)
Brazilian Finance & Real Estate is a company that currently holds financial investments.

PAN Administradora de Consórcio Ltda.
PAN Consórcio is a privately held limited liability company whose purpose is to manage consortium groups through self-financing, focusing on vehicles and real estate properties